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Red 914

This page contains 914/6 videos, photos and other interesting things that I have found and collected over the years. If you have trouble viewing a video you can save it to your PC then view it from your hard drive. This should take care of any problems. These videos should play on your smart phone.

914 Videos

Interesting Information

Photos, Advertisements, Brochures and Cutouts

914/6 Advertisements and Posters

Lets start with a few newspaper advertisements from a long time ago.

Here are a few 914 brochures.

Porsche put out a series of ads about the virtues of 914s.

Other 914 advertisements.

And then there's this.

Here are some Posters that at least mention 914s.

Various other magazine advertisements.

Vintage 914/6 Photos

The 914 was used as a pace car at some significant races.

Magazine Articles about the 914/6 & 914/4

914/6 Road Tests and magazine articles

Magazine Articles and other information about 914/6 GTs and M471 cars

Magazine Articles about the 916

Road & Track had several articles about the 914/4

And then there are these road tests and other articles about Porsche from Road & Track

Over the years Road and Track Magazine has done a lot of Road Tests of Porsches. I found the following road tests to be interesting.

Cutaways and cutouts

Automobile Quarterly Porsche articles.

Non Porsche stuff that I found interesting.



Last Update February 2021