Ontario Celebrity Porsche 914-6 Race

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From: Alan Johnson

I do remember it and I was one of the driver trainers for the celebs. I spent time with Dick Smothers and a couple of others. I remember that Bob Bondurant was very excited to be spending time with Paul Newman.

This was when 914-6ís were not selling and this was a way to get exposure for them. I think there was about 20 cars in the event of about 12 celeb drivers. After the event, the cars were sold to PA Dealers for about $4,000. If I remember right, I bought a couple. A few months later I bought the remaining new Tangerine units, about 8.

I also bought a damaged unit with heavy front end damage, for less than $3000. It was dark BRG and I had it repaired and painted black including a smoothed black top.

I have always thought there was two main reasons the 914-6 didnít sell. First, they looked exactly like the 914. Second, they were geared way too high.

Thanks for asking about these fun cars.