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If you own a 914 of any variety, you have probably spent considerable time working on it. Maybe it's the age of these cars now, maybe Its just the nature of the car or maybe the nature of the people who own them. This section contains links to the Porsche 914 Factory Workshop manuals in PDF format and other useful manuals. Very useful for those odd problems. Most of these manuals are not searchable but are still useful.

914 Workshop Manuals

914 Owners Manuals

  • This is the section from PET about the 914/4 & 914/6. The grouping of this matches that of the Workshop Manuals. This is searchable. Very useful. 9 MB, PDF. PET
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    Weber Carb Info

    Bosch D Jetronic and K Jetronic Workshop Manuals and Troubleshooting Information

    Electrical Diagrams

    914 Air Conditioning Info

    Air conditioning was a dealer installed option for the 914. Following are the installation instructions for the two different types of AC that were offered back in the day. THANK YOU J-F O!

    914/4 Turbo Installation Manual

    Back in the mid 1970s a company called Crown Manufacturing in Newport Beach, California made a turbo kit for the 914/4. I only ever saw one of these and that was at a PCA DE at Watkins Glen in 1979. Recently someone forwarded the instruction manual for how to install this kit on your 914/4. THANK YOU Scott!

    General Information about 914s

    Manuals for your other Porsches













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