Privacy Policy

It is hard to pretend that there is any semblance of real privacy anywhere on the internet when government agencies around the world have the ability to track, vacuum up, store and analyze every byte of Internet traffic from even casual users. Its not only governments monitoring internet traffic either. Companies have the ability to monitor and track their customers and web site users at least as effectively as any government agency. Frequently companies have fewer restrictions placed on them than many western government agencies.

As for this web site, We share information that has been previously published in magazines and on the internet with people who are interested in learning something about the history of a particular 914/6.

We do not sell information, names, home addresses, e-mail addresses, phone numbers or anything else to anyone. We don't spam anyone. If you find a cookie on your PC associated with this web site, it was put there by our web hosting service and has no use to this web site.

Information is free but limited. You can have all the information for any car you are interested in but not the information for every car in the database. E-mail addresses and other information that is part of the history file for a car may be provided to someone who has inquired about a particular car if it appeared as part of an advertisement for that car. No personal information will be made available to casual browsers of this web site, only to individuals who request information on a specific car.

E-mail addresses of those requesting information are not sold, tracked or spammed. If you supply information about a particular car, that information as well as your e-mail address may be included in the file for that car and made available to others who inquire about that car.



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Last Update July 2017