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Turn 3 Watkins Glen

Turn 3 Watkins Glen, a long time ago...

This database is an effort by Porsche 914/6 enthusiasts to document these rare and unusual sports cars. About 3355 of these cars were produced over 3 short years starting in 1970 and in the intervening decades, these few have left their mark on the streets and race tracks of the world. Due to their age and competition potential, many of these cars have compiled interesting and colorful histories. This database is intended to promote the preservation of Porsches first mid engined roadster and is aimed at those who appreciate these cars.

The purpose of this effort is to provide current owners a place to research their cars and a place for them to share any research they might have done. For the prospective buyer, this provides a place to research cars they might consider buying. The things that you might find in ads for your car include information on originally installed equipment, color changes, original engine and transmission serial numbers, names and addresses of previous owners, milage notations, previous advertisements in national magazines, and owner supplied information.

Some cars in the database have an extensive advertising history while other cars have only a few lines which may not provide much information. There are a lot of advertisements in magazines and on the web for cars that don't indicate the VIN. I used to collect these ads and used phone numbers and names to cross reference these to advertisements that did include a VIN. I stopped doing that a while ago and and now only include these when there is conclusive evidence of what the VIN is. Examples would be: the VIN called out in the ad, a photo of a VIN tag, or a car with an unusual paint scheme that is concurrently being advertised somewhere else with a VIN listed. I include these now only when there is useful information that was not in an advertisement that has a VIN.

I don't collect every advertisement for a car from every web site. Some cars are advertised on only a few web sites and in a few magazines while others are the subjects of massive ad campaigns over many web sites and a long period of time. If a car is being advertised on 10 different web sites with exactly the same text on each one, then I only collect a representative sample of the advertisements. There is no point in collecting large amounts of the same data.

When this effort first started I was also tracking advertisements for 4 cylinder 914s but it quickly became aparent that there were just too many of these cars being advertised and that many more of these cars were being advertised on a local level where it was impossible for me to track them. It was hard enough to keep up with the few 914/6s being advertised, so the effort to track 4 cylinder cars was quickly dropped.

The database currently has information on about 1720 unique 914/6 serial numbers. Of the 3355 produced, 1785 model year 1970 and 1971 of these cars were officially imported into North America with the rest being sold around the world. No 1972 914/6s were officially imported into North America but over the years a significant number have found their way into North America. The information in the database is primarially for North American cars but over the last few years I have found information on quite a few European cars. Lately it has become aparent that many cars originally imported into the US are now being shipped back to Europe and around the world.

The information comes from many sources, these include but is not limited to the following magazines:

  • Every issue of Panorama from 1970 to date,
  • Every issue of Excellence from April 1987 to date,
  • Every issue of Road & Track from 1970 to date,
  • Many issues of Hemmings from about 1998 to date,
  • Defunct publications like Porsche Trends Gallery
  • Other automotive magazines and books.

Advertisements from various web sites from about 1996 to date. The web sites include among others:

  • Ebay
  • Road Glue
  • 914 club
  • 914 World
  • 914 Owners Association
  • Rennlist
  • Automobile Atlanta
  • Pelican Parts

And other web sites including PCA region web sites, personal web sites and Porsche repair, restoration and sales web sites. Also personal observations of 914/6s at various North Eastern United States events.

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